Ozzy Osbourne's wife has filmed two videos for the animal rights organisation in which she denounces fur farms, and admits she gave up wearing animals pelts after watching documentaries about the treatment of creatures such as chinchillas.

In one clip, Sharon declares, "The reasons I stopped wearing fur was because I was educating myself through documentaries on what goes into actually making these fur coats and fur scarves I was wearing... and when I realised how it was done, I was sickened. I was absolutely sickened by it."

The other video shows shocking footage from an investigation into fur farms, and Sharon insists fans need to boycott pelts to crack down on cruelty.

"Among the smallest victims are chinchillas, native to the Andes mountains in South America," she says. "These animals are now found in dismal cages on fur farms... No federal humane slaughter law exists to protect animals on fur factory farms... Please do your part: Never buy or wear any fur or fur trim - and tell others why."

Sharon's daughter Kelly appeared in a previous PETA campaign calling for a ban on seal clubbing in Canada.