Sharon Osbourne partly blames herself for Ozzy Osbourne's relapse.

The TV personality kicked her husband out of their home in 2012 and threatened to divorce him when she realised he had relapsed into drink after seven years sober, but on reflection she thinks she should have spotted the warning signs earlier.

She told radio host Larry King: ''It was hell - the loneliest three months of my life.

''The frightening thing for me was that I didn't see it. So where was I for a year and a half?

''I was just self-obsessed with my work. I didn't see, so it kind of kicked me in the bum.''

Sharon added she found out about Ozzy's relapse on the day before their 30th wedding anniversary after a friend tipped her off.

She added: ''He was drinking when he came home, but we lead such busy lives that all I saw was bad behaviour, I never saw the drinking.

''I left him and told him I couldn't go through this again, I just couldn't, and he promised he would work his programme.

''He wasn't going to meetings, he wasn't working his steps, and he slipped, he slipped for a year and a half.''

Ozzy, 65, has now celebrated 12 months sober and Sharon, 61, says their union is stronger than ever.

She said: ''I cannot imagine life without him. He's fun, very, very funny, he's a very good father, a pushover, he's a softie you know.''