Sharon Osbourne is supporting a ban against texting and driving after causing a severe road accident while using her phone.
On Tuesday (13Dec11), America's National Transportation Safety Board called for the passage of a new bill, which would outlaw the use of phones while driving.
The rock matriarch has now backed the ban after coming face-to-face with the real dangers of multi-tasking.
Hosting her U.S. chat show The Talk on Wednesday (14Dec11), Osbourne confessed, "The other day I'm on my way home and in front of me, my assistant is driving in her car. My assistant is pregnant and I'm behind and I'm texting, texting, texting and then suddenly I just don't know what happened, and it took me about 10 seconds to realise that I hit her car, she hit the car in front, (and) the car in front hit the car in front.
"Everyone is OK but I mean, (it was a) big time lesson. So now what I do is, I pull over (to) the side of the road and if I want to call or text, I do it then I get back out and drive."
The reality star isn't the only one rallying support for the new law - Justin Bieber recently shot an advert for the Drive Safe campaign after meeting the family of tragic Texan teenager Alex Brown, who died in 2009 after losing control of her vehicle while using her phone.