Sharon Osbourne and Barbara Walters have heaped praise on Angelina Jolie for her decision to have a double mastectomy, as both women underwent similar preventative surgeries themselves.

The Salt star announced on Tuesday (14May13) that she had undergone the drastic surgery in February (13) after doctors warned her she had a high risk of developing breast cancer because she carried the 'faulty' gene, Brca1.

Osbourne chose to have the same preventative procedure in January last year (12) after learning she also carried the mutated gene and commended the actress' brave decision to have the elective surgery and go public with her health battle.

In a segment on her U.S. show The Talk she said, "She'll have empowered millions of women all over the world. She is sexier than ever. She is an amazing woman anyway apart from all of this. This story is one of positivity, so I commend her; I think it's amazing."

Broadcasting veteran Walters revealed she is able to relate to Jolie’s double mastectomy as she also took a preventive measure against cancer and had her ovaries removed.

The newswoman says, "My sister passed away from ovarian cancer and I had my ovaries removed. It’s not like having the breasts because people don’t see it. But it’s a decision you have to make - it’s preventative.

"What I think with Angelina… she’s such a sex symbol and we associate sex with breasts so often. And the fact that she did this and has retained her beauty and her sexuality. I think it was brave of her; she did it for her own health, but it was so brave to write about it. A women’s sexuality is not tied up with her breasts."