LATEST: Sharon Osbourne has further insulted Hollywood actor BEN AFFLECK - by offering him just $1,000 (GBP625) for Jennifer Lopez's engagement ring.

Affleck spent in excess of $1 million (GBP625,000) on the pink diamond ring when they got engaged late last year (02). But, after their wedding was called off, outspoken Sharon approached Affleck on the streets of Hollywood on Monday (29SEP03) to ask if she could have the ring at a discounted rate.

And despite realising that Affleck was far from amused at the proposal, the rock matriarch, married to Ozzy Osbourne, has now made the actor a minimal bid on her SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW this morning (01OCT03).

As her audience giggled, she said in a public plea to Affleck, "Ben, I've been asking you to let me have the first bid on the ring and you haven't called. I keep going and saying to my husband, 'If Ben calls me and says that we can put a bid in the for the ring, how much will you give me?' He's going, 'Maybe a grand, that's it. It's not worth any more.'

"So Ben, there's a grand, maybe I can get him up to five, but please call me."

01/10/2003 21:04