Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne was horrified when she watched the latest series of her family's reality TV show THE OSBOURNES - because her daughter KELLY is "unbelievably" high on drugs in every episode.

The wife of former BLACK SABBATH singer Ozzy made excuses for the SHUT UP singer's mood swings in the first and second series, but she admits Kelly's increasing addiction to pain killers is glaringly obvious in the third series.

She says, "I had no idea at all. Afterwards she told me, but I had been making excuses for her bad behaviour, like a typical mum. Stress, my sickness, dad's addiction, the sun in her eyes, her period.

"I would make excuses for anything, rather than say, 'What's going on? What the f**k are you doing?' In the next series, you can see there's something going on with her. Unbelievably so."

08/12/2004 17:26