Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne delved into the child molestation charges levelled against Michael Jackson by devoting a whole show to the controversial case this morning (28JAN04).

Sharon, wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, invited a range of people related to the case to THE SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW to cross-examine them about the 45-year-old BAD singer's legal battle.

Among the guests was Jackson's spokesman Brian Oxman, who objected to the statement that the singer and his accuser slept together, prompting Sharon to respond, "Brian, this child - or teenage boy - was on a (documentary) that went around the world cuddling Michael Jackson, kissing him, holding his hand, saying he slept with him."

Brian clarified, "The child slept on the bed, Sharon. Michael slept on the floor and the door was open."

Sharon then went on to challenge Jackson's motives asking why he would ever want to share a room with the boy.

Brian replied, "(The alleged victim is) a cancer survivor," to which colon cancer survivor Sharon hit back, "I'm a cancer survivor - I wouldn't sleep with b***dy Michael Jackson! What's cancer got to do with it?"

29/01/2004 17:02