Sharon Osbourne once dated American chat show king Jay Leno, but she insists she never slept with him.

Leno, the host of America's The Tonight Show, had a brief fling with the reality TV star 30 years ago when he was a single stand-up comedian and she was a lonely Brit in Los Angeles for the first time.

Sharon reveals, "I moved to this town and I was lonely and Jay was very nice to me. I didn't know many people and I was short, fat and hairy."

But she's quick to point out the couple never had sex: "I hope his willie's as long as his chin."

But Leno had better watch out - Sharon's latest crush, wrestler MICK FOLEY, was far from impressed with the chat show king's brutal interview with Ozzy's wife last week (ends12SEP03).

When the couple met for the first time on last night's (17SEP03) JIMMY KIMMEL SHOW in America, Foley said, "I thought, I'm coming out to LA, if you want me to do a little number on Jay, I'm available."

Foley admitted he was very fond of Sharon, who stroked his arm while she chatted with Kimmel.

He added, "I met her backstage and she's the sort of woman you want to kiss and hug. I'm worried my wife is going to see Sharon playing with my forearm."

19/09/2003 13:52