Sharon Osbourne has angered actor BEN AFFLECK - by offering to buy JENNIFER LOPEZ's engagement ring at a discounted price.

Affleck and J.LO were due to walk down the aisle earlier this month (SEP03), but called off their nuptials, blaming the fervent media attention. Reports since began to circulate that the pair had split - and Sharon, wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne - took it upon herself to try and nab J.Lo's expensive pink diamond ring when she bumped into Affleck in Los Angeles yesterday (29SEP03).

She says, "He's grown this kind of like goatee beard and he had on these dark glasses, but I knew it was him. I went to him and I said, 'If you're gonna hock that ring mate, I wanna get first bids on that!'

"But do you know what? He didn't laugh and I don't know why. And he didn't say that he was gonna sell it, so I don't know. But Ben, seriously... I'll pay you - not a lot - but I'll give you something for it. It's better than keeping it in the bloody drawer next to the bed, isn't it? At least I could be wearing it and showing it off everywhere."

30/09/2003 21:11