Sharon Osbourne has launched a new attack on Courtney Love after the raucous rocker suggested her son Jack Osbourne's drug problems were sparked by his dad Ozzy.

Love appeared on Howard Stern's radio show earlier this week (beg22MAR04), and addressed reports that the Osbourne teen's painkiller problems started after he found pills at Love's home.

The rocker insisted Jack hadn't taken pills from her, adding, "I just want to go with the truth. Isn't it much cooler to say that you went to Courtney's medicine cabinet and got some of Courtney's painkillers instead of saying you got them from a 29-year-old son of a rock star or maybe your own dad."

And her comments have infuriated rock matriarch Sharon, who has already banned Love from spending time with her kids.

She fumes, "I saw her (Courtney) on TV and I felt so bad for her, my heart went out to her and I thought, 'Lay off her, leave her alone, she's got enough c**p going on in her life and she doesn't need me giving her a hard time,' but that was last week (ends19MAR04).

"Well missus, it's not cool to say that you got them (drugs) from Courtney because Courtney's not cool.

"You're right when you say I don't want you to hang with KELLY. I don't and I don't want you to go near my son. Carry on with your own life. God bless you, good luck with everything in life, just stay away from the Osbournes. Leave us alone."

25/03/2004 09:25