Sharon Osbourne tried to discreetly celebrate her daughter AIMEE's 20th birthday on Tuesday night (23SEP03) - only to have her cover blown by ROD STEWART.

The wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne was embarrassed about making a return to Los Angeles eatery KOI, after her 10 April (03) punch-up with Hollywood talent agent RENEE TAB over a diamond necklace which Sharon accused Tab of stealing.

But at Aimee's insistence, Sharon took her along.

Sharon says, "I'm, like, really embarrassed to go back into restaurant. I've got this dramatic big black outfit on and I'm thinking, 'Can I creep into this restaurant so nobody's gonna know it's me?'

"I'm trying to squeak in and as I go in, there's another birthday party and it's the gorgeous, wonderful Rod Stewart and his divine son SEAN, whose birthday it was too. He was 23 yesterday. And then they go, 'Sharon! We're over here!' And I'm like, 'Please, don't let anyone know!'"

But the rock matriarch did manage to get some business done during all of the revelling - she persuaded him to appear on her SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW next month (OCT03).

25/09/2003 02:14