Sharon Osbourne eyes her husband Ozzy's cooking suspiciously these days, after he put drugs in a stew he cooked for her.

The rock matriarch admits her rocker beau's decision to spike his culinary creation left her in an embarrassing state.

She says of Ozzy, "He made this stew one night and I was behaving really, really outrageously, like I took my clothes off, I was asking random people to have sex with me and then I started to wreck the room. He put drugs in my stew!"

"I ripped my clothes off. It turned me into the HULK. I went insane!"

But Sharon, who suspects her meal was spiked with marijuana, also reveals that she wasn't the only one to find a surprise in one of Ozzy's infamous stews.

She adds, "I swear to you, he did once make stew for the whole band and he put his socks in the bottom. As they were scooping it up, Ozzy's socks were in the bottom."

06/02/2005 23:23