Sharon Osbourne was so elated to have her rocker husband Ozzy back with her in America, she paid for a sky-high banner to fly in the skies welcoming him home.

Last month (DEC03), the former Black Sabbath frontman suffered a range of life-threatening injuries following a quad bike crash on his English country estate.

After weeks of recovery, Ozzy made his way back to California on last week (14JAN04), and immediately made his way over to his favourite eatery LULU'S ALIBI, where he ate a baguette stuffed with French fries and covered with HP sauce and malt vinegar - named the OZZY SANDWICH in his honour.

Owner Lulu says, "When he came in he looked amazingly well - he was in great spirits and was hysterically funny."

And while he tucked into his favourite meal, a plane flew over the restaurant trailing a banner which read, "Welcome Home Ozzy!"

Lulu adds, "It was paid for by his wife, and when he saw it, he was totally excited!"

22/01/2004 09:40