Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne had to undergo revolutionary stomach surgery to cure the bulimia which had plagued her since childhood.

The TV chat show host's life used to revolve entirely around food - which involved binge-eating until she vomited - until she booked herself in for a "gastric banding" operation four years ago (99) in an act of desperation.

Osbourne was so determined to solve her affliction, she even kept the surgery secret from her Black Sabbath husband Ozzy.

She says, "I used to binge-eat all the time, then lose it and then binge-eat again. I was just a nutter.

"I would eat and eat and eat until I was sick. I suppose it was low self-esteem - I don't know. I would lose weight and control my eating for six or eight months. Then, boom, the floodgates would open and it would all come back."

So in 1999, she entered hospital to solve her problem once and for all.

She adds, "I had an operation to put as band on my stomach. It shrinks it so you can only get so much food down at one time. Finally something had controlled my eating."

02/12/2003 13:34