Sharon Osbourne was indifferent when her mother died in 2000, because she refused to help the reality TV star when her first child was born.

Sharon, who is the wife and manager of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, telephoned her late mother PADDLES when daughter AIMEE was born in 1983.

But Paddles refused to speak to Sharon, and the pair never communicated again.

Sharon says, "I'd be a hypocrite of I said I cared when she died.

"It's not like I did the Irish jig, I was just, 'Oh really?' - the same way she was with me.

"I called her when I had my first baby and begged her to help me. She told me to go f**k myself.

"She didn't take care of me in the way I wanted. She was a f**king old bat."

20/10/2004 02:16