Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne has told troubled singer Pete Doherty he is "insecure" and needs a "good slap".

Osbourne, who helped husband Ozzy beat his drug and alcohol dependencies, is appalled by the Babyshambles frontman's endless stream of bad behaviour and violence.

And she insists that, if his friends and family really loved him, they would force him into rehab so he can overcome the demons which have sent him on a destructive downwards spiral.

She says, "Pete Doherty? Well he needs a bleedin' good slap, that's what. He needs locking down in rehab for a couple of months. And the truth needs to be told to his face.

"I helped Ozzy. Pete Doherty needs someone who loves him, who really gives him some love. He needs to be knocked out a couple of times and get the s**t kicked out of him and thrown into rehab.

"It's his only chance of survival."