Rock matriarch-turned-reality show queen Sharon Osbourne is urging Americans not to vote for U.S. Vice-President hopeful Sarah Palin - because the Republican nomination of the Alaskan Governor is just a desperate ploy to win women's votes.
The Brit, who fronts U.S. talent show America's Got Talent, was astonished when Palin was named as Senator John MCCain's running mate and she hopes American women aren't stupid enough to vote for her.
Outspoken Osbourne says, "I'm shocked and stunned about this lady... It reminds me of, like, a hokey Disney movie... where somebody from nowhere suddenly ends up ruling the world.
"I don't know her, I've never met her, but come on! You cannot (vote for her).
"It's like they were scouring America for a woman... 'Just find us a woman, anywhere, that we can have next to him, so that it looks good.' They scoured America and the last stop before you do fall off America is Alaska, and she was iced, waiting.
"They want the women to vote for her but women aren't that stupid."