Sharon Osbourne brought back chilling memories of her husband Ozzy's brush with death when she found herself trapped upside down in a truck.
The rock matriarch agreed to conquer her nerves and take part in her son's thrill-seeking U.K. reality TV series Jack Osbourne Celebrity Adrenaline Junkie, hopping behind the wheel of a Jeep to drive over steep boulders in the Nevada desert.
Daring Sharon even decided to veer off the established path - but within moments she had flipped the vehicle over and was left hanging upside down with her instructor, suspended only by their seat belts as her terrified daughter Kelly looked on.
The 24 year old burst into tears when she spotted an oil leak, recalling her dad's near-fatal quad bike accident in 2003, which left him in a coma.
After Sharon was safely pulled out of the vehicle, Kelly told the cameras, "She's a f**king 57-year-old woman who does not need to be doing this s**t," before yelling at her mother, "You scared the s**t out of me! You're f**king almost 60 - what are you doing?"
Kelly then stormed away from the scene, announcing she was quitting the programme - before her mother calmed her fears.
Sharon said, "I'm fine. Honestly, this is normal for me. She sees me upside down in this vehicle and she panics. I understand why. She thought she'd lose me at one time to cancer. She was with her dad when he had his accident - she sat beside him for eight days while he was in a coma."
Shaken Jack told viewers, "I thought she was going to get her f**king hand crushed. It (the truck) was rolling over and I was yelling at her to pull her hand in."