Sharon Osbourne is supporting American shock jock Howard Stern as he fights America's censors to stay on air.

New York radio DJ Stern's syndicated daily show was stripped from the air last month (FEB04) in a number of territories across America after a caller delivered a racist rant.

And, after years of shocking the US, Stern now fears his controversial talk show is nearing the end of its run after the outcry following the Janet JACKSON SUPER BOWL scandal (01FEB04).

But his number one fan, Sharon Osbourne, reassures Stern that he'll never be taken off air for good.

She says, "Howard has been such a strong supporter for my husband in America.

"He has supported my husband's music for 20 years on the radio and we support him. There's a place for everybody in America, that's what America is all about.

"For those people that don't like him, it's so simple - just turn off. It takes one second. Leave Howard alone."

Stern has played Osbourne's taped support on his morning show.

11/03/2004 10:04