Sharon Osbourne has reignited her feud with Dannii Minogue - branding the Aussie singer "useless".
The wife of Black Sabbath star Ozzy Osbourne stepped down from her role as a judge on British reality show The X Factor in June 2008 after a series of arguments with fellow panelists Simon Cowell, Dannii Minogue, and Louis Walsh.
But it was Minogue in particular who riled Osbourne - and she's still fuming that the pop star was asked to judge wannabes on the singing contest.
She tells Britain's Guardian newspaper, "I actually walked from X Factor because I couldn't stand the bulls**t any more. I was getting well paid - very well paid - so it was hard to leave, but I did because they didn't like me speaking the truth.
"They'd rather have some doll like Dannii Minogue as judge, endorsing this bulls**t. Dannii - I couldn't stand her. She wasn't so much a dim bulb as a bulb in a power cut. F**king useless."