Sharon Osbourne is so furious her fellow X FACTOR judge Simon Cowell voted her favourite contestant off the TV show - she's vowed to manage the wannabe herself.

The series sees Cowell, Osbourne and WESTLIFE svengali Louis Walsh managing contestants in different age groups, and competing for their proteges to be named The X Factor winner.

But rocker Ozzy Osbourne's feisty wife burst into tears after the music mogul removed Irish beauty ROBERTA HOWETT from the competition on Sunday (24OCT04), and has vowed to make her a star in spite of Cowell.

Howett confirms, "Sharon was so upset for me. She said she'd be calling me to talk about the future. She will take me on."

An insider adds, "Sharon was furious, but is determined to take on Roberta anyway. She reckons he voted for Roberta to get a her, not because he genuinely thought Roberta was the weakest act."

25/10/2004 02:52