Sharon Osbourne was left red faced when she forgot to hang up the phone after chatting to her daughter Kelly during a revealing therapy session.
The rock matriarch and reality TV star blames her under-developed technological skills for the gaffe, which allowed her kid to listen in on the private conversation - the whole time.
While co-hosting her U.S. TV show The Talk on Monday (23May11), Osbourne recalled, "My daughter Kelly called me and I was in a session with my therapist. And I was talking about Kelly and I said, 'I'll call you back,' and I didn't click her off. And she spent the whole hour listening to my therapist session about her. The whole hour!
"She told me probably about three days later. She was mad at me and I was very mad at her. (But) it (wasn't really about her), it was just about Kelly's boyfriend... I (just) can't work a phone properly. "