LATEST: Sharon Osbourne has hit out at the "idiots" of American news giant ABC for prematurely posting her obituary on their website last week (ends15OCT04).

The morbid news item contained lots of blank spaces which were to be filled in at a later date. It began, "Sharon Osbourne, best known as the woman who saved Ozzy Osbourne from himself, XXX today of XXX. She was XX."

The Osbournes reality TV star, 50, who was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2002, was "appalled" at seeing her death posted on the world wide web.

Osbourne says, "I saw the obituary. It was awful and so stupid. It really p***es me off.

"I didn't read it, I was appalled by it. And I didn't call the station - I just thought they are such idiots."

17/10/2004 14:14