Sharon Osbourne has forgiven fellow x factor judges Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh for their hurtful comments about her and daughter KELLY during the first season of the hit British TV show.

The rock matriarch has returned to the second series of the TV talent show with a clean slate despite ending last year's (04) grand finale with a huge row with acid-tongued judge Cowell.

She says, "Last year I was the new girl to reality TV shows. If an older contestant came in, Simon would say, 'You're the same age, you can relate to them, being the oldest judge,' and if someone who weighed 14 stone came in, he would say, 'Oh, she looks like Kelly'.

"I was hurt so I needed to get back at him. Now I think, 'Simon's Simon. You accept him as he is.' The good thing about Simon is that he can take it as much as he can give it. Deep down, I like him and I certainly respect him. Let's just say I chose to forget what he said."

Irish pop svengali Walsh has apologised for his attack on Kelly.

Sharon recalls, "He used the word hate, which is so unlike him. He also said, 'I think she is totally talentless. She's only famous because she has a silly mother and father.'

"But he told me how sorry he was and how he was really wrong and did everything he could to make it up to her. Now they're best of friends. Kelly adores him."