Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne is eyeing a new career - she's considering a post in politics because she's unimpressed with the way Britain is currently run.
The wife of Ozzy Osbourne is passionate about politics, but she's unhappy with the current Members of Parliament (MPs) in the U.K., accusing them of operating like a "legalised mafia".
Osbourne has taken aim at the current government over last year's (09) expenses scandal involving British politicians, which saw a string of high profile MPs resign for having over-claimed using tax-payers' money.
She says, "I get so blooming passionate about politics! I boil with it because, to me, it seems so simple and people f**k it up. They promise and promise and they never deliver. There are men on those benches (in parliament) who are disgraceful. It's so hypocritical. It's horrible. What is it with these people? They all f**k up! They're all liars! Everybody's f**ked up in politics. They're like a legalised mafia; they've got a license to pillage.
"Now I might run for parliament! For me, it's simple. The only way to change anything is through education and you're never going to change a thing while you've got kids who can't read and write at 16 having babies."
And the controversial star is calling for limits on the number of immigrants setting foot in the U.K., claiming there aren't enough jobs or hospital beds to cater for the growing population.
She adds, "I don't care what your religion is or what colour you are, I respect you as a person but when there aren't enough jobs for the people who were born here and there aren't enough hospital beds to take care of our own, don't come in en masse and take away those hospital beds that are meant for us.
"I love England. This is always going to be our home. It's just that each time I come back (from the U.S.) I see it getting less and less and less like the country I love."