Former reality TV star Sharon Osbourne has blamed on her penchant for sending critics and enemies boxes of her own excrement on her father's infidelity. The rock matriarch has disgusted critical journalists and rivals by posting boxes of her own defecation to them after unsympathetic write-ups and public comments about her and her family. And she traces her bizarre revenge tactics back to a single incident as a child, when she discovered her father Don Arden was having an affair. Speaking through tears to clinical psychologist Dr Pamela Connolly on British TV show Shrink Rap on Monday (02Jul07), Osbourne recalled, "My father's mistress bought him a really ugly monkey statue once. When I found out he was haivng an affair with her I felt betrayed. I felt so stupid. This man that I thought was such an honest, good man was a fake. "So I got this stupid concrete monkey and did a s**t on it. "I was laughing. I was laughing so much that I p**sed on it too. Then I cried. I left it there for him as a statement I suppose."