Sharon Osbourne has denied recreating the moment she discovered her mansion was on fire to try and give British reality TV show The X Factor a dramatic boost. The wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne was filming The X Factor in Dublin, Ireland in July (06) when she received news of the blaze. However, in the episode screened last night (16SEP06) Osbourne hears about the fire at her $9 million (GBP5 million) mansion in Buckingham, England when daughter Kelly Osbourne phones her, before she is comforted by co-hosts Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh. An insider tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, "In actual fact, what happened was very different. Sharon's personal assistant got a call from home to say there had been a fire. But she wasn't aware how serious it was so they continued to film a few more auditions. It was only when they had a break in filming that and Sharon called home that she realised the blaze was actually pretty serious. "None of it was caught on camera, so they then set up some shots of her getting the call. Sharon was obviously upset about the fire - but once she realised everything was OK she thought it would make great TV so she played it up." But The X Factor representatives insist the scenes of Osbourne being told about the fire are genuine. A spokesperson says, "It's a matter of record that Sharon's house was on fire during the Dublin auditions and the show reflects that. The scene where Sharon tells Louis and Simon about the fire happened in real-time."