Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne has defended herself against allegations she assaulted a contestant on her U.S. reality show ROCK OF LOVE: CHARM SCHOOL, insisting the woman "had it coming".
Megan Hauserman claims Osbourne attacked her during a recording of the TV show's reunion special in Los Angeles in December (13Dec08).
Osbourne is said to have lost her temper when Hauserman insulted her by saying she is only famous because of her marriage to "brain-dead rocker" Ozzy Osbourne.
The 56-year-old allegedly ran across the stage, grabbed Hauserman by the hair, and scratched her.
Police have since been brought in to investigate the accusation, although no charges have been filed.
But Osbourne insists she's the victim in the alleged brawl - hinting that Hauserman purposely targeted her to land her own TV deal.
She says, "There was a little tiff. I drink this ice tea, and it's red, and the cow only had a bikini on - the cup was full of ice and it went all down her front.
"But she had it coming, big time. It shows you how dumb she is. Anyone who knows anything about me knows not to say anything about my family, or you're going to get it. Say what you like about me, but don't ever, ever, ever insult my family.
"She's got her own show now, called Trophy Wife. Amazing, isn't it?"