Sharon Osbourne has hit out at people who insult the overweight, because they will never understand the pain it causes.

Osbourne, who is married to Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy, relates to larger people since having issues with her size made her miserable when she was diagnosed with cancer in 2002.

She says, "When you're larger you can't even get your feet in everyday shoes. You seriously can't. They're so wide.

"They're carrying all the weight so they spread and they were like shovels. I needed wellies, and then I couldn't get my leg in the welly.

"I couldn't have a bracelet as a gift because a normal bracelet wouldn't fit around my wrist.

"When people make flippant remarks about overweight people they have no idea how much that hurts. It really, really hurts.

"People feel sorry for drug addicts, but they don't feel sorry for food addicts; there's no sympathy or concern.

"It's, 'Oh, you're a fat pig. You stink. You're weak.'"