Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne is a chronic claustrophobe after being repeatedly locked in a dark coal cupboard during her childhood. The wife of Ozzy Osbourne was unable to turn on a light inside the cupboard and now refuses to travel on underground trains. Speaking while being analysed by Billy Connolly's psychiatrist wife DR PAMELA STEPHENSON on last night's (02APR07) UK TV show SHRINK RAP, she said, "I hate confined spaces, I panic. "I could never go on the underground. They make me panic, packed trains or anything like that. "There was a cupboard which we kept the coal in. It was in the basement. I used to get locked in the cupboard. I was about six or eight. The light was on the outside, and when the door was closed you couldn't turn on the light. "My brother used to say he could hear rats in there. I never did, but my heart would be beating and the veins on my neck would be pulsating."