Sharon Osbourne was forced to apologise for repeatedly swearing while presenting a live show on U.K. TV on Monday (20Dec10).
The America's Got Talent host was filling in for presenter Lorraine Kelly on morning programme Lorraine when she let slip the word "bl**dy" at least twice.
After producers asked her to apologise to viewers, Osbourne said, "I think I've offended somebody because they've said in my ear here that I've said the word bl**dy and I've got to apologise... I'm sorry, I shouldn't say that in the morning... it's not allowed and I don't want to offend anyone and it's Christmas, so I'm going to be nice."
But Osbourne faced the wrath of TV bosses when she accidentally let slip the offensive word again, telling guest Pamela Stephenson, who recently lost a lot of weight on reality contest Strictly Come Dancing: "You've got nothing to bl**dy lose."
When she realised she had blundered for a second time, Osbourne told viewers, "Oh, I've done it again. I'm sorry... I'm really, really sorry. Honestly, I won't say it one more (time), I'll be really good. I'm sorry."