Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne and Sarah Ferguson, DUCHESS OF YORK amazed diners at a London restaurant earlier this month (DEC06) by posing as bathroom attendants. The pals opened cubicle doors and handed out towels at a top eatery in the British capital after sharing a boozy meal together. Ferguson says, "We had dinner in this really smart London restaurant. After a few drinks we thought it would be quite fun to go down to the ladies and pretend to be loo attendants. It's very naughty but God it was funny. "We were down there for half an hour and Sharon insisted we do it properly - handing people towels and opening cubicle doors for them. "Most knew who we were and just smiled or looked really bemused. But one lady didn't recognise us and got irritated when Sharon asked her where she got her dress from. She thought we were being rude. It was hilarious." Osbourne was befriended by the former British royal when she moved back from the US to her native England.