Sharon Osbourne gave DAREDEVIL star Michael Clarke Duncan a welcome surprise, when she flew his favourite dessert from New York to Los Angeles.

The wife of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, who was visiting the Big Apple on Tuesday (28OCT03), decided she'd pick up a special brand of apple cobbler for the gigantic actor, as the only supermarkets in California which stock it have been plagued with staff strikes.

Presenting Duncan with the pies on her SHARON OSBOURNE SHOW yesterday (29OCT03), she told him, "I was at the terminal with a big bag of pies for you. These are Michael's favourite desserts and he will not cross the picket lines out here to go buy them. That's in LA, but in New York there are no picket lines so I went and picked them up for you."

The grateful actor beamed, "I wanted one of these for so long, but the people that are on strike, they're on strike for a reason and I support them."

Workers at a range of supermarket chains across Southern California are striking over the cost of health care insurance.

30/10/2003 17:19