LATEST: The battle between Sharon Osbourne and her former housekeeper has intensified, with the dismissed employee claiming she was physically attacked by the rock matriarch.

Sharon, wife of shock-rocker Ozzy Osbourne, called the police on JUANA ZAVALA last Friday (03OCT03), after she was reportedly caught with a bag full of the family's personal items worth more than $100,000 (GBP62,500) - including daughter KELLY's underwear.

According to the Osbournes' attorney DAVID BASS the day before her dismissal insurance investigators checking the family's claims asked to look around the maid's house.

However, after Zavala let them in, she then locked herself in the bathroom and called her lawyer. She claimed the Osbournes were storming her house.

Zavala also alleges that Sharon physically attacked her.

Bass notes neither criminal nor civil charges have yet been filed against Zavala.

10/10/2003 09:06