Sharon Osbourne learned a lesson in life from a homeless man during a recent paparazzi meltdown - he gave her the strength to face the flashbulbs.
The wife/manager of Ozzy Osbourne was out shopping in Los Angeles with daughter Kelly when she took offence at a snapper who would not leave them alone - and she snapped.
She recalls, "They (paparazzi) can drive you insane. They've started to park outside Kelly's house, they follow her everywhere. The other weekend, Kelly and I were having... just a day together... we were just shopping and this guy's...12 inches away from us in his car all day long. It usually never fazes me but I absolutely broke down, I lost it with this guy.
"I literally had to go into a bookstore and sit down for...10 minutes to compose myself."
And that's when the rock matriarch realised her life wasn't so bad: "I was in the bookstore having my meltdown and I looked outside and there was somebody with a shopping trolley, a homeless person, and I just thought, 'What the hell am I on about?'"