Former CAGNEY AND LACEY star Sharon Gless is fighting to become a Canadian citizen after falling in love with Toronto.

The actress, 61, is caught up in red tape as she dreams of emigrating and turning her back on her native America.

She says, "I don't want people to confuse me with every American who's coming here because they don't like (GEORGE W) Bush.

"I don't want to come to this country to be a drain. I don't need medical. I don't need anything. I just love it here."

Gless and her producer husband, BARNEY ROSENZWEIG, hope to create a film studio in Toronto and employ only Canadian staff, but her application for citizenship has been sitting in a pile for the past two years.

She adds, "They told me my file was not opened because I was not a skilled worker."

24/11/2004 21:02