Texas took a tree named Robert Plant on tour.

The Scottish rockers' frontwoman Sharleen Spiteri has admitted the band have had some wild touring experiences during their 25-year career, and once received a huge bill after trashing a hotel lobby and stealing a tree.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she recalled: ''One night in Switzerland we played a gig and we came back to the hotel and it ended up with Rick [Richard Hynd] - who was our original drummer - he was in the fountain pond in the foyer of the hotel, swimming in about 10 inches of water, just like lying in it.

''He was so p***ed that he dragged a potted plant onto the lift and it fell over, and all the stones in the pot went into the lift door so it wouldn't shut. It wouldn't work and it caused chaos. We got a bill which frightened us so much.''

The 'I Don't Want A Lover' hitmaker said the evening's antics escalated further when her bandmates decided to steal the tree for their tour bus - which they were travelling around Europe in - and agreed to name it after the 66-year-old Led Zeppelin frontman.

She continued: ''They stole the plant and they had it on the bus, and it was then called Robert Plant and they called it that for the rest of the tour. It was like a big tree, like a proper fake tree that they'd stolen it. I don't know how they got it out of the hell in the tour bus.''

The band will release their new album 'Texas 25' on February 16, featuring new and classic songs recorded in collaboration with Truth & Soul.