Scottish rocker Sharleen Spiteri once spat a drink at Paris Hilton during an ugly clash at a party.

The Texas star has revealed she became embroiled in a spat with the socialite at an event after she discovered Hilton was standing on her coat.

Spiteri claims the star was drunk and oblivious, so she spat a drink at her to get her attention and the argument ended with a verbal stand-off.

She tells Britain's Es magazine, "I don't think of myself as a stroppy female, but yes, I do have the odd altercation now and then... She (Hilton) was standing on all our jackets. But she wasn't listening, she was wasted (drunk). So I filled my straw with my drink and I blew it. That got her attention. 'Have some manners,' I said. And she started with all her nonsense. So I said, 'F**k off or I'll kick the s**t out of you'. That's how it works where I'm from."

Spiteri reveals she also became embroiled in a clash with Elizabeth Hurley after the British actress/model allegedly invited the singer to a dinner party and then pretended not to recognise her.

The Say What You Want star adds, "I said, 'Oh hello,' all polite like, and she was like, 'And you are...?' Well, that was it. 'Ali Baba,' I said. And the whole table drew back in their seats and you could see them thinking, 'Oh God, this is going off'."

Spiteri adds of Hurley, "She's rude, Liz Hurley, and I don't like rude. What's she famous for anyway? Wearing a dress with her t**s hanging out? Well, she's a fat b**ch and she can f**k off."