Former MOESHA star LAMONT BENTLEY was killed in a car crash on Tuesday night (18JAN05). He was 31.

The actor, former co-star of Brandy and Shar Jackson, died when his vehicle plunged off Southern California's San Diego Freeway, according to his manager SUSAN FERRIS.

The Milwaukee native and father of two daughters began his career after moving to Los Angeles with his mother, an aspiring singer.

Bentley, who played HAKEEM CAMPBELL in Moesha, also appeared in a number of films, including THE WASH and TALES FROM THE HOOD. He also played late rapper Tupac Shakur in the TV movie TOO LEGIT: THE MC HAMMER STORY, and performed guest roles in The Parkers, NYPD Blue and CLUELESS.

20/01/2005 21:32