The retired former Los Angeles Lakers player, 44, was taking a stroll at a hotel in Beverly Hills, California when he found a wallet on the ground.

Looking inside, he discovered the wallet belonged to his friend David, 41, who was staying in the same hotel.

"I was walking in a specific area and I see something on the ground and it's a wallet," Shaquille said in a video posted on "I open the wallet up, to do the right thing with it of course, and it's my main man David Beckham."

Wary of what might happen if he turned the former England soccer captain's belongings into the authorities, the basketball icon, who is a reserve police officer in Doral, Florida, decided to turn detective and return it himself.

"So I say you know what, a lot of credit cards and stuff in here I'm not going to turn it in. I don't trust people," he said. "I want to hand deliver it to David Beckham. David, detective O'Neal is looking for you. I will return your wallet."

Editors at the gossip site report the basketball star left a message for David at the hotel's reception desk telling him to meet him to retrieve his wallet, which he subsequently did.

Although the soccer star has not commented on Shaquille's nifty police work, he did post an image of them together on Instagram with the caption, "Always great to see the big man."