AMERICAN PIE star Shannon Elizabeth was left stunned when her phone kept ringing a week ago (ends25FEB05) because she didn't think anyone would connect 'Shannon E' on Paris Hilton's hacked cellphone speed dial to her.

The socialite caused headaches for many stars when her T-MOBILE sidekick was hacked into and her celebrity friends' details were posted on the internet.

Elizabeth was one of the stars whose details leaked and she spent last Saturday night (19FEB05) trying to avoid cheeky calls.

She says, "I was at home watching TV... and the phone kept ringing; all these strange numbers... and then somebody leaves a message and says, 'Hey, my name's JD, Yeah. If you're who they say you are that's really cool and I just wanted to let you know these guys got a hold of your number and they're prank calling you.'

"My last name wasn't even in there. It said 'Shannon E.' I'm like, 'Gosh, all the people that really had their full names, like the real celebrities, must really have a problem right now.'

"I heard that Eminem forwarded all his calls to 911 (emergency services)."

28/02/2005 10:27