Shannen Doherty is thrilled to be hosting a new reality show where she helps people get out of unwanted relationships, but would never agree to appear on the show herself. The former BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 star is hosting BREAKING UP WITH SHANNEN DOHERTY on the US Oxygen network and claims the subject matter is something she knows quite a bit about. The actress was married to Ashley Hamilton for less than a year in 1993 and had her marriage to Paris Hilton's sex video partner, Rick Solomon, annulled in 2003. She explains, "I think it's kind of obvious what expertise I have! I've certainly been through a couple of relationships, as we all know. And some marriages." On the show Doherty is the bearer of bad news, telling lovers, friends or employers that her "clients" no longer want them around. Doherty admits her reaction would be "one of shock' if someone did the same thing to her, although she insists no one would ever see the footage because she would legally block it from airing. She adds, "I wouldn't sign the release form!"