Former BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 star Shannen Doherty insists her reported bad behaviour was nothing compared to Lindsay Lohan's recent troubles. Lohan received a scathing letter from an executive in charge of her new movie GEORGIA RULE last week (ends30JUL06), reprimanding her for arriving late to the set and partying. Doherty insists Lohan's actions are much worse than what she was accused of doing back in the 1990s saying, "I wasn't partying every night. "I showed up late for work once and I got fired. I didn't get a scathing letter from an executive - I got canned. "The stuff that I did at 18, now, compared with what the girls do now - was nothing. "I mean, I never did a porno (referring to Paris Hilton's infamous sex tape, which was ironically filmed with Doherty's ex-husband Rick Solomon). "I never did drugs, I never partied, I wasn't that girl." Doherty claims her parents helped keep her on the right track and criticises Lohan's mother DINA, who was spotted shopping in Southampton, New York this weekend (29-30JUL06) while her daughter continued to party in Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, even after being reprimanded. Doherty adds, "I wasn't out partying at the age of 17 while my mom was out shopping. "My mom was right by my side saying, no you're going to make up your bed, take out the garbage and you're going to be a normal girl. I didn't have a date until I was an 18-year-old! "I showed up late for work and I got fired and I learned my lesson. My parents didn't say, 'Oh we feel so bad for you', my mom looked at me and said, 'Where was your work ethic?'"