Actress Shannen Doherty and comedienne Joan Rivers joined forces for a bizarre moment on American TV on Thursday night (29JUL04) blowing out penis-shaped candles on a giant cake.

The TV stars appeared on Irish comedian Graham Norton's raunchy show THE GRAHAM NORTON EFFECT, and the saucy host asked 10 male members of the audience to place each erect manhood inside a mould to make personalised waxy creations backstage.

Once the collection was wheeled out on a cake for the audience to ogle, Norton called Doherty and Rivers over to put the flames out.

Rivers quipped, "It has been so long. The last time I had sex, I said, 'MOSES, you're the best!'

"To see men's penises that high up is such a treat for me because over 50, men's bodies just drop. Their balls hit the ground, you can play golf. A man over 50, he sits on the toilet it looks like he's making a cup of tea!"

01/08/2004 21:17