Shanina Shaik has got her first ever tattoo.

The 26-year-old model has taken to social media to flaunt her new body art of the number 11 eloquently etched in words on the middle of her forearm, and the catwalk icon has described the inking as the ''best'' belated birthday present she has ever received.

The brunette beauty shared a string of images of her at tattoo parlour Bang Bang in New York on her Instagram account.

Alongside a picture of her sitting in the chair with her limb stretched out ready to be engraved by artist Rob Green, she wrote: ''My first INK Thank you @robgreennyc it looks so dope by @jennifercooperphoto

''Like a CHAMP! Best late birthday present @jencooperphoto@robgreennyc #bangbang (sic).''

The style muse has revealed she chose to get 'Eleven' emblazoned on her arm because it has a ''significant'' meaning to her life, as it corresponds to her birthday on February 11, as well as her relatives birthdays and her ''angel number''.

Alongside a close-up photograph of the tattoo, she explained: ''ELEVEN so significant in my life! My birthdate, my fathers, cousins & my angel number 11:11 make a wish (sic).''

Meanwhile the Australian star, who started modelling at the age of eight and has since modelled for designer brands including Chanel and Victoria's Secret - doesn't think her modelling career will last ''forever''.

Speaking previously about her career and aspirations, she said: ''I'm a real action girl, so I would love to be in action movies.

''Modelling is not forever, but I will definitely see it as a platform to move into other things, maybe acting and hopefully starting my own brand.''