Defiant Shania Twain refuses to let her son Eja spend time with the woman who broke up her marriage to music mogul Mutt Lange, insisting that was agreed when the couple first split in 2008.
The country singer discovered her estranged husband was romancing her best friend and former assistant Marie-Anne Thiebaud the day after he filed for divorce, and immediately stated she could have no part of her son's life.
Appearing on Tuesday's (03May11) Oprah Winfrey Show, she said, "I basically said that Eja will never be a part of her life and you just have to accept that... or we'll all move so far away to the other end of the planet.
"I didn't want my child exposed... Enough was enough. We'd had enough exposure to somebody who took our happiness."
Twain admits she hasn't spoken to or laid eyes on Thiebaud since the betrayal, which brought the singer and her old friend's husband Frederic together - and she'd like to keep it that way: "I do not see Marie-Anne and I will avoid that at all costs."