Shania Twain 's stalker was denied bail at a court hearing recently - and didn't take too kindly to it, admonishing the court and no doubt making all concerned feel very bad about themselves. In fairness to judge Richard Scheider, he did "quite reluctantly" deny Giovanni Palumbo bail, saying "Nobody at this juncture wants to see Mr. Palumbo in custody unless it's demonstrably necessary," before adding that he didn't think the defence's proposed plan would "mitigate the risk he poses." None of his family had agreed to care for him, reports the Winnipeg Free Press.
"You know you're all very sick, you really are - it's so sad," Palumbo thundered. "Have fun, because I'm going to keep having fun, wherever I am...." before, in an outburst that took a slightly ironic turn, finishing "what a bunch of psychopaths. Woo hoo. Shame, shame, shame. Shame on all of you!" Clearly the defendant had hoped his plea of guilty the previous month would've limited the damage more considerably than it has done. Twain testified last month via video link discussing her fear at Palumbo's frequent visits. Following appearances at her family cottage, her grandmother's funeral and the Juno Awards this March he was finally arrested.
After it was requested by the judge, Dr Helen Award, had evaluated and then reported that Palumbo suffered from a bi-polar disorder as well as a narcissistic personality disorder - but she also claimed him criminally responsible for his actions. She'll testify again on November 15th and there the guilty party could face sentencing.