Shania Twain will attempt to "reclaim her voice" on her new show 'Why Not? With Shania Twain'.
Shania Twain, the Canadian country musician, will premiere her new show on Oprah Winfrey's network on 8th May 2011, reports 45-year-old, who has not released a new album in almost a decade, will document the breakdown of her marriage and the tragedy of losing both her mother and stepfather in a car accident. During the series, Twain will embark on a tour of "healing, sharing and rediscovering her voice", which includes enlisting the help of numerous vocal doctors, a grief counsellor and fellow artists such as Lionel Richie and Gladys Knight. In a new promotional video for the series, Twain admits, "I have lost my ability to express myself and my ability to sing. I've lost it for some reason. I'm not comfortable singing in front of people anymore. I was feeling more pressure from my career. It just affected me. I was slowly losing my voice and slowly losing my confidence. My marriage was slowly breaking down, too".
Shania Twain's last record, 'Up', sold more than 11 million copies back in 2002. The singer will release an autobiography later this year that will detail her "challenging and sometimes shockingly painful upbringing" in Canada.