Shane Meadows felt the ''most pressure'' he's ever been under to make 'The Stone Roses: Made of Stone' a success.

The 'This is England' director is a huge fan of the group and as a result he was desperate to ensure the documentary film wasn't a flop both for the sake of his career and the 'She Bangs the Drums' hitmakers' loyal fan base.

Speaking at 2013 Virgin Media Shorts at London's BFI IMAX last night (07.11.13), he exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''That's probably been the most pressure I've ever felt in my life because there are so many things stacked on top of each other.

''You've got a comeback of the band that no one thought would reform and everyone had given up all hope of them reforming. And then they reform and you're sort of giving the job of making a film.

''It was the dream job but also everyone is going to expect something amazing. They put my name together with their name, obviously they're a much bigger name than me, but we probably share some fans and everyone was probably thinking it was a dream combination.

''In a way sometimes you're doomed to fail on those jobs.''

The 'Dead Man's Shoes' helmer took to the stage at the Virgin Media Shorts ceremony to present Nimer Rashed with the Grand Prize - which includes £30,000 funding towards his next movie - for his short film 'Touch'.

Meadows - who was on the judging panel - said: ''The creativity and breath of talent displayed in the shortlist this year made my job as a judge very tricky. Touch is a beautiful short that manages to convey a range of emotions in a simple and powerful way. It tells a story that we all at some point have been affected by.''

Other stars who walked the red carpet on the night included British actresses Olivia Hallinan - who shot to fame in teen drama 'Sugar Rush' - 'Mr Selfridge' actress Katherine Kelly and 'Fresh Meat' beauty Catherine Steadman.