Moviemaker Shane Meadows was left mortified when he met up with reformed rockers Stone Roses to shoot a documentary after he crammed into a lift with the band and set off a warning alarm.

The This Is England director was asked by the British group to shoot behind the scenes as they rehearsed for their hotly-anticipated comeback concerts last year (12).

He admits he was a "nervous wreck" at the prospect of getting up close and personal with his heroes, but he was left cringeing with embarrassment within minutes of meeting the band when he had to take a staircase as he was too heavy to join them in an elevator.

Meadows tells BBC Breakfast, "(I'm a) massive fan. I supposed in some ways it made it harder because you have these people saying 'Never work with your idols, it can only go wrong', and obviously I was a bit of a nervous wreck.

"Normally as a director you are kind of in control - you have written a script and you are getting people to do something that maybe you have written - whereas on this I was following their lead and trying to look cool, which never went well, never worked.

"First day I met them they asked me to go in the lift with them. I got in and the alarm went off because it was too heavy having me in the lift so I had to go out and walk up the stairs. So that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship, I think."